Do I get a warranty?

The simple answer is Yes! The longer answer is you get the two best warranties in the business. Why two warranties you ask? Every roof should actually come with two warranties: A “Manufacturer’s Warranty” covers your shingles and system component’s while a “Craftsmanship Warranty” covers the installers labor.


As a Master Elite roofer with GAF, Warner has the ability to offer the best Manufacturer’s Warranty on the market. For single family residential properties this means our customers have the ability to get a lifetime warranty on the system with a 50 Year Sure Start. What this means to the customer is that if you’re in that same residence for 49 years and the shingles start to fail, a new roof, labor included will be provided at no charge.


Warner’s craftsmanship warranty is 10 years from completion of your project. The industry norm is 2 years. That’s 5x better than most of our competitors! We can offer this because we believe in our installations.

Are you really a local company?

Yes. Warner Roofing was started in Rockford, IL because Scott Warner and his family were born and raised here. They went to grade school, highschool & Junior College here and are all building their families & careers here.

What is the “Warner Difference”?

From the installation materials to the guys doing the install, Warner keeps it quality. We are one of the few companies that actually uses our employees to do installs. When you take notice of the care the crew puts into installing your new roof, you’re likely to see a lot of the same friendly faces when you call us in the future to be inside your home to help rebuild your home in the unfortunate event where you need our restoration services.

Do you do layovers?

We do offer them in special circumstances because we understand there is a demand for this service and don’t ever want to have to turn down a customer. That being said, we strongly discourage this practice as not being able to get down to the substrate via a full tear off leaves the door open to certain limitations when it comes to warrantying the roof. We assess each roof by itself and give our customers ample information and insight to make the best decision for their situation.

Do you use subcontractors?

As discussed above Warner Roofing employs their own roofing labor. However dependent upon the situation and need for  quick turnaround, we do employ the help of subcontractors from time to time.

If I was hit by a storm, what should I do?

Call Warner first. A Warner sales representative will come out, perform a free inspection, make any short term repairs if necessary and walk you step by step through the insurance process. We give honest assessments first. If we believe you do not have enough damage to warrant calling in a claim, we let you know that.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! Anyone that refers Warner Roofing to a full roof replacement or a full Water Restoration job receives a check for $100. That’s right; If you’re out for coffee with a friend that says they have roof or water issues and you tell them to call us, you just made $100. It’s that Easy! While the money is a motivator for someone to refer us once, we’ve found that after that referred customer goes back to thank you because of the outstanding work we provided, the motivator moves to wanting to help more friends find us to do quality work, and you still get paid!