Scott Warner – President

I have a degree in accounting from Illinois State University and business experience in landscaping, excavation, construction, property management and real estate to name a few. I come from a family of 8 that has exploded in size with the next generation. My father ran his own business. My siblings have grown successful businesses and I am doing the same. This business is growing and I look forward to having my children earn the opportunity to take over some day. We have a few core services with the ability and knowledge to do much more. Hopefully, they are able to expand and grow in the direction they enjoy..

“My name is attached to this company and that still means something to guys like me. I’ll protect my name by putting out the best products and follow through on my commitments.”


Joe Jalbert – Director of Sales

“I brought Joe on because he is a family man and has a tremendous ability to sell while conveying to homeowners the quality and integrity that comes along with a Warner job. I’m excited about his future with us because of his knowldge of construction. It’s not often you find a contracting salesman anymore that’s actually performed the type of work he’s selling. That’s what you get with Joe and it shows.”


“I’ve worked at many companies but the future with Warner excites me more than all. I enjoy being part of a team that puts quality above all else and is just as excited about including me in the growth.”


Adam Hayes – Director of Operations

“Adam is completing his degree in Human Resource Management.  He’s a family man with a vested interest in this community. His background is in operations as a Hub Planner and Supervisor for UPS. I took Adam on as a partner because I see great value in his leadership abilities. His knack for problem solving and job coordination make every job appear seamless to our customers.”


“I am excited for the future of this company because the core values Scott and I are building it on lend themselves to tremendous, positive impact in our community.  I look forward to growing this company and some day, involvng my children in that growth.”


Nate Hulstedt – Project Manager

“Nate has been with me since my first roof. His background in management has proved invaluable in job preparation, execution and crew leadership. I’ve not met someone with more integrity or a better heart and am proud to have him as the face of my company during construction.”


“I joined this company because I believe there are few contractors out there that care more about delivering on promises made to homeowners than their bottom line. I found that here.”


The Crew – Field Operations

Our crew is made up of a mix of guys from all walks of life. Some were brought on as experienced roofers that adapted to the Warner quality mindset. Some were brought on with no experience and only trained on the right way to do the job which sometimes is frankly easier than picking someone up with a bad experience. They are all quality people first and great workers second.

“I consider these guys my friends. I doubt there are many owners out there that can say that.”

-Scott Warner